Hospice Assistance Care


For people who are nearing the end of their life, the comfort and familiarity of home is their preferred place to spend their final days. Surrounded by their family, friends, pets and possessions,  and their loved ones are able to enjoy these precious last moments together. When families want only the highest quality of hospice assistance care care, they turn to the devoted professionals of My Assistant. Our highly trained personal assistants and Managers work together with the doctors, nurses, patient, hospice and their family members to ensure all of the care recipients’ needs are met. Additionally, our dedicated personal assistants promote quality of life and dignity in dying by:

  • Creating a positive and peaceful environment
  • Providing regular status updates to the family members and doctor
  • Providing genuine companionship and support
  • Ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety at all times


Our hospice assistance care also includes invaluable support and assistance for family members of patients during this difficult time. We take on the responsibilities of daily living and household tasks to allow you more quality time with your loved one. Mit’s My Assistant’s personal assistants provide personal care, assist with transfers, medication reminders and monitoring, prepare meals, do laundry, light house cleaning, pick up prescriptions, run errands and more. Most importantly, we can be there when you can’t. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that when you are unable to be there, your loved one is in professional and caring hands.