Are you wanting tasty, nutritious meals for yourself or a loved one? We get it and we can help.

As some adults age and appetites lessen, the chores of daily living like going to the grocery store and cooking a healthy meal can be a challenge. For some of us, cooking was never our thing and is the first thing to drop off our priority list as we age. Many seniors rely on frozen entrees instead of preparing something from scratch, but good nutrition is especially important for the elderly and chronically ill. Although it can be a struggle, staying healthy by eating healthy can be beneficial to the way our bodies stay energized and fight off infection. Maintaining a healthy eating plan for clients coping with dis-ease is even more important and can be especially complicated.

Your personal assistant will be your own personal chef at home. Keeping ourĀ  clients happy at mealtime is a priority so we plan delicious meals together, working with your food preferences and based on doctor/nutritionist recommendations. We shop for groceries, prepare and serve meals, and assist during mealtime by cutting food, feeding, drinking, and cleanup. Although we encourage fresh ingredients and to keep healthy snacks on hand, we listen and cook whatever you feel like eating!