There are a number of benefits to choosing this type of in home care over an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

  • Ability to Stay at Home.  Most people would prefer to be able to live out their life in their own home, particularly if they are still able to receive a level of companionship that personal care services provide.  Oftentimes, having help with simple tasks is enough to allow a person to live safely and comfortably at home for years.
  • Lower Cost.  While there is a certain cost involved with personal home care, it is most often significantly less than what the cost of assisted living or a nursing home would be.
  • Personalized NeedsPersonal Assistants are able to focus on the precise needs of the client.  Every situation is completely different and while some may need 24 hour care, others may only require a few hours or so per day.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life.  We have found that personal care services allow our clients to enjoy a wonderful quality of life, thanks to their ability to live at home, maintain a degree of independence and form a close bond with their own personal assistant.