Respite really means to rest!


We know that caring for a family member can be one of the toughest jobs in the world.

We see it every day; the stress in the shoulders and new worry lines on the faces of family caregivers. Heroes, not only are they doing a balancing act, juggling career, kids, and their own health and well-being, but they are making daily decisions that determine the quality of life for their loved one.

If you are raising your children AND helping your aging parents, you’re like 1 in every 8 Americans aged 40-60, the sandwich generation, who are being pulled in a dozen different directions at once.

Whether dealing with dis-ease, or any other myriad of issues that may face us as we experience life, caregiving can at times be a stressful and an intensely emotional journey. It takes a toll on everyone in the family, not just the family caregiver.

Everyone needs a break now and then, but especially family caregivers who have taken on the demanding and stressful role of caring for a loved one day in and day out. Having a personal assistant step in helps minimize the physical strain of bathing, dressing, and housekeeping, and the emotional strain of monitoring and medication reminders.

Our personal assistants are well-trained and capable of stepping into any situation and, whether you need an hour or overnight care, we’re dedicated to easing the journey.